Hope Academy Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Bledsoe

Hope Academy Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Bledsoe

A Hoosier native and Indiana University alum, Erin Bledsoe, spent years after college living in different states and building her successful career as a strategy and talent consultant for nonprofits, schools and businesses.

When Erin and her husband decided to move their family to the Greater Indianapolis Area, she began to envision the impact she could make on her home state. Particularly, she wanted to learn more about and contribute to the Indy educational ecosystem.

“Educational equity and addiction recovery are two issues that have been a constant passion point for me through my professional career,” Erin emphasized. “Until Hope Academy, I hadn’t known of a school that integrated both of these elements with such success.”

Erin was introduced to Hope Academy through the Office of Education Innovation (OEI) initiative to help get board members established with its charter schools.

“As I learned more, I wanted to be a part of its mission and hoped I could bring some of my professional experiences to bear in support,” Erin shared.

Now, Erin serves on Hope Academy’s marketing committee and advises the school on related talent strategy goals as it looks to grow and expand to serve more students.

What is Erin’s favorite part about volunteering at Hope Academy?

“Hearing the student’s personal stories—their journey of recovery and aspirations for a rich future,” she gleamed. “And getting to know the Hope Academy staff. Those who work at Hope are some of the most committed individuals I’ve engaged with.”

When Erin isn’t busy helping Hope Academy expand its impact to more students and families, you can usually find her with her husband and three boys (10, 7 and 4.5). She also loves running, trying new recipes and traveling to beautiful new places.

Hope Academy is lucky to have volunteers like Erin who help propel forward our mission to provide a safe, sober and challenging academic experience for our students.