Counseling & Recovery Support

At Hope Academy, we understand the unique needs of students in recovery from substance use disorders. To support each student in achieving academic success and sobriety, we offer a complete recovery curriculum where students learn how to live their life clean and sober.

In addition to working towards a Core 40 diploma, students at Hope Academy learn basic life skills to prepare them for life after high school – including managing a bank account, interview techniques, how to write a resume and time management. They also receive recovery guidance from a recovery coach who can help them maintain their sobriety.

When you make a commitment to Hope Academy, you make a commitment to recovery. We are here to support and guide you through your recovery journey.


A unique characteristic of Hope Academy is our mission to support recovery and education. We provide recovery support through monitoring support meetings, utilizing research-based interventions, providing one-on-one recovery coaching and offering daily journaling and opportunities for community service.

Partners in Recovery

Recovery is part of the mission of Hope Academy. All students sign the Hope Academy Recovery Commitment to show their intentions and dedication to being a student who is focused on their recovery.

The Recovery Commitment holds students accountable to specific recovery requirements. Hope Academy staff can modify these requirements as needed to assist students with their unique recovery issues.

Students are required to:

  • Attend and show verification of attendance for a minimum of two group meetings a week.
  • Have a sponsor verified by Hope Academy staff and make a minimum of two contacts weekly with this sponsor.
  • Engage in the use of recovery tools (90-in-90 Journal, Unpackings, etc.).
  • Report relapses within 24 hours to Hope Academy Recovery Coach or Principal.
  • Be actively working one of the 12 Steps.

Upon enrollment, students will be given approximately 14 days to obtain a sponsor and attend their first meeting. Exclusion from the school community may be required until the requirements are met.