Why Choose Hope

In the United States, 80% of students relapse from recovery upon returning to their high school after having primary treatment for substance abuse. Hope Academy is Fairbanks’ answer to this staggering statistic. Recent studies are supporting the effectiveness of recovery high schools and as the only recovery high school in Indiana Hope Academy provides a supportive community for students to maintain their sobriety and receive a Core 40 diploma. Hope Academy is one of only seven recovery high schools in the United States accredited by the Association of Recovery High Schools. Research is emerging that shows that students who have received treatment for substance use have higher graduation rates, lower absentee rates and are more likely to abstain from using substances.

Parents and loved ones are part of the Hope Academy experience for all our students. They will play an integral role in their student’s journey of recovery and will receive the same guidance, support and encouragement from our staff, while connecting with other parents and our community.

Our Mission

The mission of Hope Academy is to provide a safe, sober, and challenging academic experience. Watch the video to see Janice Gabe, a licensed addictions counselor, explain why she routinely refers adolescent students struggling with substance abuse to Hope Academy.

Core Values

At Hope Academy, students and families can expect:

Hope Academy can be the answer for the academic and personal growth goals you have set. Recovery and graduation are possible.