Comprehensive Curriculum

Continuous Learning Plan


Core 40 Curriculum

At Hope Academy, students earn a Core 40 high school diploma that meets all college admission standards. Our faculty strives to provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum to meet individual needs. Each student receives personal guidance, including college planning, resume writing and interview coaching, as they pursue higher education or a career.

In addition to standard courses, we offer remedial support learning and credit recovery programs for students who are behind in school work. Our curriculum is adaptive and suitable for students with different leaning abilities and our small class sizes ensure all students receive opportunities for one-on-one time.

The following courses are available at Hope Academy:

Mathematics: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Mathematics Lab, Calculus, and AP Calculus

English:  English 9, 10, 11, and 12, Language Arts Lab, Creative Writing, Composition, Advanced Composition, Novels, American Literature, Short Stories, Contemporary Literature, Speech, Film Literature, and Dramatic Literature

Social Studies:  Economics, United States Government, Psychology, United States History, and World History & Civilization

Science:  Biology I, Integrated Chemistry & Physics, Biology II, Earth & Space Science I, Chemistry, and Science Research & Independent Study

Health and Physical Education:  Health & Wellness Education, Physical Education I, Physical Education II, and Elective Physical Education

Other Hope Academy Offerings:  Basic Skills, Introduction to 2D Art, Introduction to 3D Art, Art Independent Study, and Introduction to Computer Applications

STARR Program

Because student academic success and recovery go hand-in-hand, Hope Academy offers the Supportive, Therapeutic, Action-focused Recovery Room (STARR) Program for students who are unable to show progress in behavior, recovery and academics, and who also struggle to be successful in the general educational setting. The goal is to prepare students to return to the Hope Academy general population successfully, or to determine if additional services outside of the school setting are needed.

Placement into the STARR Program will be determined by staff recommendation with administrative approval. Each student in the program will participate for a minimum of three weeks with ongoing evaluation.

STARR students receive:

STARR evaluation measures:

Utilizing recovery tools and support (Recovery Requirements Met, Making Progress)

Distance Learning / Online Courses

Hope Academy’s online classes enable students to work in an interactive and comfortable setting, while also allowing them to take courses that are not always offered in physical classrooms.

PLATO® Learning is an industry leader in secondary instructional solutions, offering comprehensive libraries of rigorous, interactive courses and assessments. Online high school courses make it possible to accommodate various learning styles and needs. PLATO offers everything from credit recovery to preparation for high-stakes exams.

Courses Offered via Distance Learning / Online:  Advanced English Literature, Advanced Chemistry, Geography, Global Studies (various), Art History & Appreciation, Computer Applications and Technology, Business Basics, Spanish I, Spanish II, and other courses determined through individual career counseling.