Frequently Asked Questions

What are Recovery High Schools?

Recovery high schools are schools where the primary purpose is to educate students who are in recovery from, or struggling with, substance use. These schools meet state requirements and are available to any student who meets eligibility requirements. 

What does it cost to attend Hope Academy?

Hope Academy is a tuition-free, public charter high school. Resource and textbook fees are $125 per semester.

Does Hope Academy have teachers?

Yes, we have highly qualified teachers for all subjects including mathematics, English, science, social studies and art.

What if a student is behind on credits? 

Hope Academy is a great place to recover your credits. In addition to traditional instruction, we offer computer-based online courses (PLATO), which allow students to work at their own pace.

What if a student has been expelled from another school?

We accept students who have been suspended or expelled for drug or alcohol-related issues.

Just because your child has been expelled from another school does not prevent them from being accepted at Hope Academy. We are here to support our students and assist them in making better decisions.

Are there uniforms?

Yes, Hope Academy shirts are available for purchase, but students can also wear a white, black, gray or purple polo with black, navy or tan pants.

Is there transportation available?

Yes, we have a bus that runs along the I-465 loop and another on the north side of Indianapolis and in Hamilton County. Students can meet us at one of our stops and a bus will transport them to school. Students who maintain good behavior are allowed to drive to school. Parents also have the option to pick up and drop off students. Current bus schedule

Do you drug test?

Yes, we hold our students accountable for their sobriety. We test our students at least two times per month, more if the need arises. A failed drug screen does not automatically result in expulsion, but can be a sign that the student needs additional support.

What recovery support does Hope Academy provide?

While at Hope Academy, students are assigned to a recovery coach. Just like in any sport, a recovery coach supports students on their path to long-term recovery by helping students find a sponsor and local meetings to attend twice per week. Our school also has circle groups, which gives students the opportunity to check in on each other about their goals, struggles and what support they need.

What evidence is there that sending my student to Hope Academy will help him or her?

A recent study from Finch, Tanner-Smith, Hennessey & Moburg demonstrated the effectiveness of recovery high schools. Promising research is emerging that shows that compared to students who have received substance use treatment then returned to non-recovery high schools, students in recovery schools:

  • Have higher graduation rates (at least 20% higher than students who did not attend a recovery high school)
  • Report significantly lower absenteeism
  • Are more likely to abstain from using substances
  • Have significantly fewer days using marijuana and other drugs

What about substance abstinence?

While new studies are occurring, most research done so far has been based on six-month studies, wherein recovery high school students were twice as likely (59% versus 30%) to report complete abstinence from alcohol, marijuana and other drugs at their six-month follow-ups.

How do I apply?

To apply for admission to Hope Academy, fill out the online enrollment form.

If you have questions, please contact Executive Director Rachelle Gardner at (317) 572-9382 or Rachelle can assist with questions and scheduling an interview with our principal and recovery team.

Here’s a helpful fact sheet about Hope Academy.

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