Student Activities

At Hope Academy we are a community that supports each other. Each member of the community plays a vital role in the success of the school. Students can get the most out of his or her experience by getting connected to the Hope community through a variety of student activities.

Students participate in Community Days throughout the year that are designed to build community through team-building, recovery and service learning activities. In addition to all-school projects, students have the opportunity to participate in other student activities.

Student Leadership Team

Here at Hope Academy the Student Leadership Team is a group of motivated seniors looking to work together to improve their recovery and their school environment. Students come in early on Wednesday mornings to work together to initiate change throughout their community. They brainstorm new proposals, plan community days and strive to solve any issues that arise within their peer group here at Hope.

After School Support & Engagement

Many after school activities are available to help young people achieve a fulfilling life in recovery. These activities connect young people in recovery and teach them how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Participants organize fun and sober activities after school and during the summer, and have access to a recovery coach. To learn more, contact Georgia Wynne.