Our team is made up of dedicated, caring and compassionate teachers and staff who are all licensed and trained in best practices for a substance-impacted learner. At Hope Academy, our small class sizes allow each student to receive one-on-one instruction as needed. We are committed to supporting our students and their families throughout the recovery process.

  • Rachelle Gardner
    Rachelle Gardner
    Executive Director
  • Linda Gagyi
    Linda Gagyi
  • Jane Panyard
    Jane Panyard
    Director of Operations
  • Mariann Williams
    Mariann Williams
    Director of Development

School Staff

  • Anita Frauli
    Anita Frauli
    Math and Business Teacher
  • Kailey Nickels
    Kailey Nickels
    Administrative Assistant
  • Aleesha Bullock
    Aleesha Bullock
  • Caroline Vas
    Caroline Vas
    GPS Coordinator
  • Marsha Wilson
    Marsha Wilson
    Science Teacher
  • Jonathan McClure
    Jonathan McClure
    Art Teacher
  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills
    Social Studies Teacher
  • Deb Leser
    Deb Leser
    Guidance Counselor
  • Bill Jensen
    Bill Jensen
    English Teacher
  • Sarah Platt
    Sarah Platt
    Peer Recovery Specialist
  • Renee Carberry
    Renee Carberry
    Special Education Teacher
  • Shannon West
    Shannon West
    Recovery Coach
  • Janet Phelps
    Janet Phelps
    Special Education Teacher
  • Felicia Moore
    Felicia Moore
    School Nurse

Board of Directors

Hope Academy is governed by an active school board of community leaders with diverse backgrounds.

Board Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

Evaluation Plan for Licensed Staff