A Story Told Through the Art of Tattoos: Hope Academy Senior Spotlight, Easton S.

A Story Told Through the Art of Tattoos: Hope Academy Senior Spotlight, Easton S.

If you want to know the story of Hope Academy Senior Easton Snodgrass, just ask him to show you his tattoos. His life’s history is mapped out in intricate artwork as a constant reminder, not only of where he’s been but also of where he’s going. His next stop is high school graduation, so maybe there’s a spot reserved to literally mark this milestone. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we wanted to learn more from Easton himself.

Why did you decide to come to Hope Academy?

When I toured, I felt very supported and accepted. My other options weren’t very good at all, so I came here.

What do you like most about going to school at Hope Academy?

I really enjoy the recovery coaches and that they are all very accepting. The very tight-knit relationships with some of the students are also a huge factor in my success.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I am planning on becoming a firefighter, but you need to be 21 to do that. So, in the meantime, I will become an EMT and then use my training and job experience to help me get placement in a station.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself since attending school at Hope Academy?

I have learned that I am much more emotional than I present myself to be. I really enjoy helping other people and I seem to naturally take on a leadership role. I also love to work out.

Do you have any hobbies or special interests you enjoy participating in?

I like to work on cars, longboard, spend time with my loved ones and be outside.

Can you tell us more about your tattoos?

I will eventually have both of my sleeves done. My left arm will be my future sleeve and my right will be my past sleeve. Roses represent change and growth. It also represents the name of the treatment center I went to, Rosecrance. The pocket watch in the middle shows that everything takes time, and the time is pointing to the time I was born. Then the chain represents the chain of addiction being broken up by time and growth and change. Then on my other arm, there is a girl’s face and a skeleton face. It’s almost as if they’re wearing each other as a crown. This to me means that I still have some skeletons in my closet and the other meaning is everyone sees the beauty that I fronted but I see the pain behind all of it.

Next month Easton will join six of his classmates as a 2022 Hope Academy Graduate. We are proud of you, Easton. Congrats on everything you have accomplished.