Tim Lannan GPS Fund

Support the Lannan GPS Fund and Empower Hope Academy Students

Tim Lannan was a true Hoosier, proud Lawrence Central High School and Indiana University alum. He was passionate about sports, cheering on IU Athletics, the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana Pacers, and the Chicago Cubs. He loved music, reading, and beach vacations, but above all, he adored being “Grandpa.”

Tim’s journey included personal experience with substance use disorder, and he had a connection to Hope Academy. In 2012, his stepdaughter graduated from Hope Academy, solidifying his bond with its mission.

Tim’s family has chosen to honor his memory by supporting young people working to overcome their own struggles with substance use disorders through the creation of the Lannan GPS Fund.

What is GPS?

Guiding Paths to Success (GPS) is Hope Academy’s after-school and out-of-school program, designed to create a supportive community for students working through substance use challenges. GPS offers:

  • After-school hangouts
  • Homework help and tutoring
  • Peer mentoring
  • Sober, fun social activities

These activities run three days a week and during all school breaks, ensuring continuous support. Research shows that staying connected with recovery coaches and peers significantly boosts the chances of maintaining sobriety, especially when school is out.

How Can You Help?

For every $1,000 raised, Hope Academy can provide an additional day of GPS programming for their students. Your donation directly impacts the lives of these young individuals, offering them the support and resources they need to succeed.

Join us in honoring Tim’s memory by contributing to the Lannan GPS Fund.