From Struggles to The A Honor Roll at Hope Academy

From Struggles to The A Honor Roll at Hope Academy

Hope Academy would like to shine a spotlight on Sky, an exceptional student who made the A Honor Roll this grading period. Sky’s story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the importance of community support offered at Hope Academy.

Sky enrolled at Hope Academy in 2022, driven by a desire for change. Struggling with drug use and facing academic setbacks, she recognized the need for a fresh start. Hope Academy provided the nurturing environment she needed to embark on a path toward recovery and academic success.

Making the A Honor Roll is an accomplishment Sky holds dear to her heart. She describes it as “feeling really good” and an achievement that was incredibly challenging for her for a long time. Sky credits her academic success to the teachers at Hope Academy.

“I get more one-on-one attention, and if I have questions, they don’t make me feel dumb for asking,” shared Sky.

This personalized support has fostered an environment where students like Sky can thrive academically. To achieve all A’s this grading period, Sky had to make some critical adjustments like focusing, staying on top of assignments, and active class participation.

Last month, Sky celebrated seven months of sobriety, and she firmly believes that her focus on her recovery has played a significant role in her academic achievements. A clear mind and newfound energy have enabled her to concentrate on her studies more effectively.

When asked for tips on academic success, Sky offered practical advice: “Don’t sleep in class. Try to pay attention, and if you can’t, take a brain break like doodling. For me, I like sudoku.”

Sky’s wisdom extends beyond academics. Her advice for those on the path to recovery is equally valuable: “Just because you don’t get sober right away, keep trying different things and stick with what works.”

Sky’s favorite aspect of attending Hope Academy is the people and the sense of community. The support and understanding she has found among her peers and the staff have made her journey all the more meaningful. We are so proud of Sky and congratulate her on the effort she’s made in her recovery and academics.