Student Spotlight: Tylii – Finding Support in a Time of Struggle

Student Spotlight: Tylii – Finding Support in a Time of Struggle

Tylii, a Hope Academy freshman, was struggling with depression, drug activity and bullying. She knew needed more support in her school. So, how did she find Hope Academy?

“It was a last resort,” she admitted. “I had tried various online schools and had failed attempts at going back to schools that did not give me the support I needed or have my back when I was struggling.”

Since enrolling in Hope Academy, Tylii has found a passion for art and English, and learned so much both in and out of the classroom. 

“I learned I am not alone in my recovery and relapses,” she reflected. “And in order to be in touch with your mistakes or setbacks, you have to be honest with

Artwork created by Tylii.

yourself and others so you can set your best step forward in your recovery.”

She’s also found the full breadth of support from Hope Academy to be integral in her recovery journey. 

“It’s been hard to accept that it’s up to me to decide to be and stay sober,” she said. “But with the help of others, I was able to take this support and use it as strength to become the best version of me – all while being and staying sober.”

The future for Tylii is looking bright. As she continues to immerse herself in her classes, Tylii aims to eventually get involved with a school of arts where she can further her skills and her passion.

Until then, she’ll continue spending time with her friends, making art and music, and focusing on her recovery journey.

Tylii’s response to the question, “How do you feel because of Hope Academy?”