Hope Academy Alums: Caitlin’s Story

Hope Academy Alums: Caitlin’s Story

When Caitlin came to Hope Academy in 2011, she was struggling with substance use disorder and way behind in her high school class credits. The staff at Hope encouraged her to push past any self-doubt she had and cheered her on to set her sights on graduating from high school.

“I was so behind in credits when I first started there, and the teachers and staff members pushed me to finish a ton of online work and complete my credits in order to graduate with the rest of the seniors and not fall even farther behind,” said Caitlin. “I am forever grateful for that!”

While graduating from high school was a major feat for Caitlin, she also notes that academics were just a component of the many ways Hope helped her.

“Hope gave me stability, a safe place to call home, and made me feel comfortable,” said Caitlin. “I never felt judged for my shortcomings or my past mistakes.”

According to Caitlin, the staff at Hope Academy helped her in every way they could, getting her through difficult times in her life and never giving up on her.

“It really did feel like a family, and I still think about it and appreciate it to this day. They helped saved my life and at that point in time, I was 18 years old with a year and a half of sobriety,” said Caitlin.

Her advice for current students is to not take the time at Hope for granted. She encourages them to work hard and says don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling.

“Hope Academy really does a great job with trying to set students up for success in their future and it is such a personal school and tight nit community. That’s something that most high schools don’t have, and it really is such a special place,” said Caitlin.

Today, Caitlin has more than three years of sobriety. She is a mom of two little boys and recently earned a degree in human services. She is excited to pursue her dream of helping others who struggle with addiction and enjoys working with the homeless population, mental health patients, and substance abuse clients.

Keep on chasing your dreams, Caitlin! We are proud of you!