Lifelong Hope Academy Supporters Rusty and Patricia McKay

Lifelong Hope Academy Supporters Rusty and Patricia McKay

Rusty and Patricia McKay have been champions for Hope Academy since the day they heard about the idea of a recovery high school more than 15 years ago. Closely connected to the recovery community, The McKays were certain a resource like Hope Academy would be a gamechanger for teens struggling with substance use disorders. So, they advocated in favor of Indiana’s first recovery high school.

“I agreed that it would be an opportunity for teens to remain clean and sober in a safe environment while attending school. They wouldn’t experience the peer pressure that occurs when one returns to their former school,” said Patricia. “At Hope, students realize that they are not alone struggling with their addictions, fears and hopelessness.”

Over the years, Rusty and Patricia have remained connected to Hope Academy as board members, donors, volunteers and even grandparents of Hope Academy students. They’ve seen firsthand the impact Hope makes in the life of an entire family.

“As a grandmother, I witnessed our grandson graduating due to the help he received while attending Hope. He was one of many miracles that occur at Hope,” said Patricia. “Our granddaughter now works at Hope as an administrative assistant. Another miracle!”

When Rusty and Patricia think about the future of the school, they feel optimistic about the innovative new partnerships, Hope’s move to a more central location and the increase in brand awareness, knowing all these factors are making a positive impact.

“Hope is a treasure for this city,” said Rusty. “Our future is bright.”

Since their first gift in 2010, Rusty and Patricia have made Hope Academy a priority in their charitable giving knowing their investment pays dividends in building a healthy community. They also stay in touch with some of their grandson’s classmates from Hope Academy, yet another way to show their support for young people in recovery.

“They are amazing young people that are intelligent, fun and learning how great life is while remaining clean and sober,” said Patricia.

Rusty and Patricia can be found at most, if not all, Hope Academy fundraising events and graduations, enthusiastically advocating for the cause, recruiting friends to learn more and going above and beyond to ensure Hope Academy’s success.