Register for Sounds of Hope—Sunday, May 2 at 7pm

Register for Sounds of Hope—Sunday, May 2 at 7pm

Professional musicians and bands join forces to support Indiana’s only recovery high school

Hope Academy High School is gearing up for a new virtual fundraiser called Sounds of Hope which takes place on Sunday, May 2, at 7 p.m. This free musical event will feature a variety of music from professional artists and bands who share a passion for Hope Academy’s unique mission. The recovery high school’s goal is to raise $50,000 during this first-of-its-kind virtual event.

Sounds of Hope will be emceed by WRTV’s Rafael Sanchez and will feature special performances by Jennie DeVoe, Matt Butler, Two Eight and Work Horse. The program will also highlight an original composition written and performed by a Hope Academy student.

“We are very excited about the musical lineup for Sounds of Hope,” said Hope Academy Executive Director Rachelle Gardner. “The artists performing during this event are not only incredibly talented, but they are also committed to our work.”

Hope Academy is a tuition-free public charter high school with a focus on helping teens who struggle with substance use disorder. The recovery high school is the only one of its kind in Indiana with a multi-pronged approach to help students achieve long-term sobriety and academic success. Because students at Hope Academy have unique educational and mental health needs, the school relies on donor support to provide additional programs and services to its students.

“The students at Hope Academy are all at different places on the substance use disorder continuum, which means their educational and therapeutic needs vary,” said Gardner. “Donor support is critical so we can provide additional resources to ensure our students succeed academically and in their recovery.”

Hope Academy is located near the University of Indianapolis and provides free transportation throughout Marion County and the donut counties. Parents and guardians of interested high school students can fill out an online application year-round.
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