Hope Academy Alums – Where are they now?

Hope Academy Alums – Where are they now?

In 2013, Ellen came to Hope Academy as a last resort after being expelled from three different schools. When she arrived, she couldn’t believe how supportive the Hope community was. She graduated from Hope in 2014 and today she is focusing on her health and recovering from a recent car accident. Despite the setback, she’s keeping a positive attitude stating, “I’m happy and sober!” Check out Ellen’s recent Q&A.

Question: When were you a student at Hope Academy?
Answer: I was a student at Hope Academy from halfway through the school year in 2013 and graduated from Hope Academy in June of 2014.

Question: What’s your favorite Hope Academy memory and why?
Answer: One of my favorite memories from Hope Academy would be all the support I had from all the teachers and staff. I had lost quite a handful of friends and family to drug addiction/mental health issues and it was extremely difficult to stay clean and focus on my schoolwork. Every single teacher and staff member gave me so much support and love it helped me get through it with a support team. One memory that stands out in particular is the after-school group they offered. It gave me something to do when I would normally be struggling to use.

Question: How has Hope Academy impacted your life?
Answer: Hope Academy saved my life. I had been expelled from three other high schools, been in and out of Juvenile, and had multiple suicide attempts and overdosed. My parents gave me the choice to pick a school I wanted to go to and a couple friends of mine had recommended I look into Hope. Hope helped me focus in ways that a big public school could not offer me. The support from all the teachers/staff/students was a huge benefit for me and motivated me to not give up on school.

Question: What are you up to now?
Answer: Currently I am living with family in Indianapolis still and focusing on my health. I had a severe car accident March 2020 and have had multiple surgeries since then. I’m doing a lot better and looking at going back to college. I’m happy and sober!

Question: What advice would you offer to someone who is currently a student at Hope?
Answer: Advice I would give students is just do not give up. Education is important and never forget you have great support around you in so many ways. Take advantage of the more one on one time you may get with a teacher! Do not be afraid to speak about issues or if you are struggling.