Recovery at Hope

At Hope Academy we understand the unique needs of students in recovery. In order to support each student in achieving academic success and sobriety, we offer a complete recovery curriculum where students learn how to live their life clean and sober. Students at Hope Academy will learn basic skills – including balancing a checkbook, interview techniques, how to write a resume and time management – to prepare them for life after high school. They also receive recovery guidance from a recovery coach who can help them with day-to-day recovery needs.

Recovery Requirements

When you make a commitment to Hope Academy, you make a commitment to recovery. We are here to support and guide you through your recovery journey. Learn more about recovery at Hope Academy and our recovery expectations.


The most unique characteristic of Hope Academy is our mission to support recovery and education. We provide recovery support through monitoring 12-step program progress, utilizing research-based interventions, providing one-on-one recovery coaching and offering daily journaling and opportunities for community service. Read more to find a 12-step meeting that's right for you.