Meet Erin Flick LCSW, LCAC: Bringing Compassion and Expertise to Hope Academy

Meet Erin Flick LCSW, LCAC: Bringing Compassion and Expertise to Hope Academy

Hope Academy is delighted to introduce our new in-house therapist, Erin Flick LCSW, LCAC. Her journey to Hope Academy is a full-circle moment paired with dedication, experience, and a touch of serendipity.

Erin brings a wealth of knowledge, holding a Bachelor of Social Work from Ball State University and a Master of Social Work from IUPUI. Erin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor (LCAC) in the state of Indiana, and is trained in Brainspotting (Brain-Body-Mindfulness Based Relational Therapy). Her credentials and commitment to continuous learning speak volumes about her desire to help others.

Her professional journey spans over 20 years, with roles at Fairbanks, Cummins Behavioral Health, Inc., and even a stint as a Traveling Social Worker with Aya Healthcare. Now, as the founder of Granola Girl Gabs, LLC, Erin brings a diverse set of experiences to her role at Hope Academy.

Hope Academy is thrilled to bring Erin on board as part of our initiative to fill the critical gap in service for adolescents struggling with substance use disorder. Last Fall, Hope Academy received a grant from Mental Health America of Indiana, and one component of the grant was to hire an in-house therapist.

As the Hope Academy Therapist, Erin will provide individual and family therapy sessions as well as gender-based trauma groups.

“The most amazing part of this process is that the individual and family members did the hard work, they had the answers, they just needed support, they were the agents of change!”

Erin emphasizes the excitement of real-time collaboration, client-centered approaches, and a culture focused on recovery. Having been an advocate for Hope Academy since its inception, Erin’s dedication to adolescents and young adults aligns perfectly with our mission.

“The majority of my professional career has been dedicated to the adolescent, young adult population and their families. So, when the opportunity presented itself, it felt right,” Erin shares.

What’s Erin looking forward to the most? “Being of support to the students and their families. As well as being a part of the Hope team,” she enthusiastically declares.

Away from her role as a therapist, Erin lives on a small hobby farm with her husband, twin tweens, and a bunch of four-legged friends. Nature, outdoor adventures, and gardening are her passions. Her favorite quote by Dennis T. Menace, “The best thing you can do, is get good at being you,” beautifully reflects her belief in authenticity and self-discovery.

Welcome to the Hope Academy family, Erin! We’re thrilled to have you on board, bringing your expertise, warmth, and a sprinkle of granola goodness to our community.