A New Scholarship Opportunity at Hope

A New Scholarship Opportunity at Hope

Jim Barnes is a longtime supporter of Hope Academy and in long-term recovery. He is an artist and you can find his works proudly displayed at Hope Academy, including the oversized sculpture in the lobby. As someone who has always had a passion for creative projects, he has made it his profession because he knows it’s a healthy way to channel his energy. He explained, “my artistic interests have given me a strong skill set that guides me personally and professionally.” 

Jim Barnes poses with his art.

Mr. Barnes has observed the parallels between creating art and achieving long-term recovery. His philosophy is that, “nobody does it alone; we take inspiration, ideas and approaches from those who have ‘been there, done that.’[…] Success is almost always a team sport. Artists need their muses and collaborators. Those in recovery need their sponsors and support systems.” 

Because of his passions for the arts and supporting those in recovery, Mr. Barnes is now providing a scholarship to an exemplary graduate from Hope Academy. The Jim Barnes Scholarship award is valued at $1000 and will be presented to a deserving student annually at the Hope Academy Commencement each spring.

Mr. Barnes has been passionate about supporting the local Indianapolis community and young people’s pursuit of Art Education, with an emphasis on minorities and young women working toward higher education. We are thrilled to be partnering with Mr. Barnes and we are thankful for the amazing inspiration he is for our students. 

He left us with these words of wisdom, “As you enter 2023, make sure that you surround yourself with strong and supportive advocates. Seek out others who can become trusted advisers. They’ll help you take the best actions in building a better you, and in learning how to pay it forward.”

Jim Barnes art installations at Hope Academy