Wishing Mr. Jensen a Happy Retirement

Wishing Mr. Jensen a Happy Retirement

I have been an educator for 41 years as a teacher, administrator, and instructional coach. I began teaching 9th grade English in Pulaski, Wisconsin when I was 22 in 1974. My teaching journey took me from Wisconsin, where I grew up, to Nishimachi International School in Tokyo, Japan, to Los Angeles Unified in California, to Indianapolis Public Schools, and finally to Hope Academy. 

I went into teaching because I really loved learning. When you teach you are always learning, and you learn well. You achieve deep learning which is very satisfying. And what I discovered early in my career, was that it was deeply rewarding to try to instill that passion for learning and discovery in the young people in my classes. I believe to get the most out of life you must cultivate your sense of curiosity and learn to delight in the discoveries you can make daily. Teaching young people to ask questions, to discover their own passions, to explore, to read for meaning, and to write for clarity are the great joys of my career! 

I began at Hope Academy in October 2019 when the English teacher position came open. At that point I had been retired (my first retirement!) for three years and was enjoying the pleasures of a more leisurely lifestyle, more sleep, exercise, and travel. But the thought of being back in the classroom again in small school setting attracted me for the same reasons I went into teaching. I do not regret that decision. The incredibly important mission of Hope, coupled with a strong administration, a dedicated staff, and promising young people on the difficult journey towards recovery, have really made my time here a rewarding experience. The small class size which provides the opportunity to get to know my students well has been the best thing about being at Hope. My students are wonderful people! 

As the date of my second retirement gets closer, I am excited to begin the next chapter of my life. My wife and I have purchased an old farm house in a village in north-central Portugal. It is in a beautiful hilly district famous for olives and grapes. I will be studying Portuguese, reading a lot, and traveling to the various capital cities and art museums of Europe.  

Thank you, Hope Academy, for a great three years. I will be thinking of you!