Hope Academy Alums – Where are they now?

Hope Academy Alums – Where are they now?

Did you know that Hope Academy has been in the Indianapolis community for 15 years? We’ve served over 700 students during this time. We wanted to catch up with our grads and hear about life after Hope. Up first is a recent grad from the class of 2020, Bella Depp.

Question: When were you a student at Hope Academy?
Answer: I started at Hope in April of 2019, and I was in the graduate class of 2020.

Question: What’s your favorite Hope Academy memory and why?
Answer: I have a lot of memorable moments from Hope. Graduation was definitely a big one but not because I was leaving, I just felt immensely proud of myself and recognized. Most of my favorite memories happened during passing periods or at lunch.

Question: How has Hope Academy impacted your life?
Answer: Hope Academy aligned me with people that I can see myself being connected to for the rest of my life, and also showed me how to reach out to the recovery community.

Question: What are you up to now?
Answer: I’m currently in college full time, pursuing my Associates of Applied Science at the Institute of Veterinary Technology. I work full time at the Cat Care Clinic in Indianapolis, and I’m kennel leader at my school so that definitely keeps me busy! I live at home right now with my mom and little brother, but I’m moving out and starting my career in December of 2021. Also, I’m officially a cat mom now and I love it so much.

Question: What advice would you offer to someone who is currently a student at Hope?
Answer: Just stick through it. I know it’s hard, I know you won’t agree with everything. But having boundaries and shelter right now helps prepare you for a time when you might not. Also, education really means a lot.