Hope Academy Needs Your Help

On Wednesday night Hope Academy presented its new charter application to the Indianapolis Charter School Board in front of a packed room of Hope supporters.  We are asking our supporters, you, our community, to continue to convey your support to the city for Hope Academy. 

We are asking you to contact Mayor Hogsett and your city councilor and let them know of your support for our school and the amazing asset Hope Academyu provides to our Central Indiana community. While Mayor Hogsett will not vote on the charter authorization, the majority of the members of the Charter Board are mayoral appointees.

We ask that you urge Mayor Hogsett to convey his support for Hope Academy to the Indianapolis Charter School Board and ask them to approve Hope’s charter application.  

Your message can be as simple as this:  

As a supporter of Hope Academy and a resident of the City of Indianapolis, I am asking you to support Hope Academy’s application for a new charter school.  While I understand you do not have a vote, I do understand that a majority of the members of the board are your appointees. Stating your support to the board, would send a strong signal. Hope Academy is the only nationally accredited high school in the state of Indiana for students in recovery for drug and alcohol abuse. We cannot allow it to close. 

We ask that you add any personal comments into your letter to personalize the message. 

You can submit an online comment to the mayor at this following link.


Or call the Mayor’s office at:  317-326-3601. 

To contact your city councilor, you can access the following link:  https://www.indy.gov/activity/city-county-council-members

We are grateful for the support our community has already given to us and hope you will continue to make sure your voice is heard by city leaders. Thank you very much!