What do you wish you had known about teen alcohol and drug use?

Part 7 of the series, What Parents Need to Know: “Hope Academy Parents Share Their Experiences”

“That it is much more prevalent than people think.”

“That addiction happens much more quickly the younger you are in the teen age brain and what are the red flag/symptoms of other underlying issues. Such as what signs indicate anxiety or depression in kids? How can we know if a child has issues and get mental health help earlier.

“How cheap drugs are. How you can get high on many more things than just pot and alcohol. The difference between casual/social substance abuse and addiction.”

“We were very much on our own, in the dark as where to go for her first rehab. None of the local professionals had any first-hand knowledge of teen facilities.”

“That there are many resources to take advantage of, and that there is a way to combat it.”

“That one of the most important things is to find the right therapist for your child.”