What you may not know about teen drug use

How much do you think you know about teen drug use?

On the March 12 edition of WISH-TV’s Indy Style, Hope Academy Chief Operating Officer Rachelle Gardner and Rachel Beehler, program coordinator for the school’s alternative peer group and an alum of Hope Academy, shared a few things that are imperative for parents to know in protecting their kids.

Here is the quiz and answers presented by Hope Academy:

1.    What is the most commonly abused drug in the U.S.?
a.    Marijuana
b.    Alcohol
c.    Cocaine
d.    Heroin
(Answer: B. Alcohol)

2.    What is “dabbing?”
a.    The practice of dabbing LSD onto your skin to get high
b.    Smoking oils (extracts) taken from the marijuana plant
c.    Taking pills and crushing them to prepare for smoking
d.    Borrowing someone else’s prescription
(Answer: B. Smoking marijuana extracts is sometimes called “dabbing,” and it has some doctors concerned. Marijuana extracts—concentrated oils from the marijuana plant (sometimes called “hash oil”)—are a lot stronger than dried marijuana.)

3.    True or false: One-third of high school students have consumed alcohol in the last 30 days.
(Answer: True. 33% percent of high school students drank some amount of alcohol in the last month, and 18 % binge drank, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 youth deaths each year.)

4.    Name three places to go for information and help with substance use.
(Answer: – Fairbanks, a guidance counselor, call the Fairbanks Adolescent Helpline at 317-691-7119 Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., support group, an older or more informed friend/brother/sister/parent)

5.    What’s the best way to talk to your kid if you suspect they’re using?
a.    Be direct and calm
b.    Talk when your child is lucid
c.    Ask open-ended questions
d.    All of the above
(Answer: D. All of the above)