What Did You Feel About Your Suspicions?

Part 2 of the series, What Parents Need to Know: “Hope Academy Parents Share Their Experiences”

“We thought that she mainly had issues with anxiety.”

“We were concerned but had no idea what to do about it.”
“At first, I attributed it to puberty hormones and teenage angst. Then I attributed it to depression… but it was more than that, there had to be something else.”

What did you do with your suspicions? (Ignore it, present it to your child, talk to another person, speak with a professional, call the school etc.) Why?

“By the beginning of her sophomore year we were genuinely concerned. Note: The student’s mom finally did an in-depth search of her room and found drug paraphernalia.”

“We saw a therapist. I tried to talk to her about things but she was not forth coming to me.”

“We took her to the pediatrician and then to see a counselor.”