Supportive, Therapeutic, Action-focused Recovery Room

The STARR Program at Hope Academy is for students who are unable to show progress in behavior, recovery and academics, and who also struggle to be successful in the general educational setting. The goal is to prepare students to return to the Hope Academy general population successfully, or to determine if additional services outside of the school setting are needed.

Participants Receive:

  • The opportunity to engage in additional recovery education and support
  • Greater individualized classroom instruction
  • Closer monitoring of behavior
  • Increased personal accountability

Placement into the STARR program will be determined by staff recommendation with administrative approval. Each student in the program will participate for a minimum of three weeks with ongoing evaluation.

Evaluation Measures:

  • Showing a positive attitude (Open and Willing)
  • Displaying appropriate behaviors (Centered, Compliant, Expectations Followed)
  • Building skills (Cooperative, Engaged, Making Progress)
  • Completing school work (Academic Work is Quality Work)
  • Utilizing recovery tools and support (Recovery Requirements Met, Making Progress)