Welcome to Hope Academy!

We take pride in supporting our students in recovery from addiction and providing each student with a high quality education. It is our goal to meet each student’s individual needs by helping them reach their full academic, spiritual, social and physical potential. This highly supportive, individualized approach allows students to progress in recovery and academics at their pace, with the expectation of a better life through sobriety.

We are grateful for all the  support we receive daily from parents, volunteers, community organizations and donors. These partnerships are vital to the success of Hope Academy and its students.

Please feel free to browse our website. This website is designed to help parents and students stay connected to the school, to provide resources for academic and recovery success, and to share school news and events. It also provides potential candidates an avenue to learn more about our mission, what makes us special and how we can help.

We understand the disease of addiction can be devastating to a family but know there is HOPE!

Recovery is possible!
The Hope Academy Team