Online Courses

Hope Academy's online classes enable students to work in an interactive and comfortable setting, while also allowing them to take courses that are not always offered in physical classrooms.

PLATO® Learning is an industry leader in secondary instructional solutions, offering comprehensive libraries of rigorous, interactive courses and assessments. Online high school courses make it possible to accommodate various learning styles and needs. PLATO offers everything from credit recovery to preparation for high-stakes exams.

To log into PLATO:

  • First, log into your computer using your Hope Academy username and password.
  • Open up your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).
  • Go to the PLATO website:
  • Enter the Following Information:

Account Login:  rhsf
Username:  First letter of first name and last name (Example: for Demo Student, login would be dstudent)
Password:  Students should know their password.  If a student has never used PLATO, first try using the password “pass”.  If that does not work, or if a student does not remember their password, please contact the guidance office so we can reset it.

Once logged in, students should see a home page that allows them to view assignments.  From there they may click on their assignments and begin on their first module. Students can also check to see how far along they are in their coursework by clicking on the “progress” button at the top of the home page.

Click here for more information about PLATO.