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November 28, 2017
Tough love is one way to support a friend struggling with addiction, but there are others, too. And for the estimated 21 million Americans living with substance use disorders, support from friends could be the first step toward getting treatment.

Research has consistently found that support from friends is associated with...
November 22, 2017
Raising children can be challenging.

You may need to face a situation when your child’s friend’s behavior is making you concerned as a parent, especially when drugs and alcohol are involved.

One of the key risk factors for addiction is the environment. For children and teens, this can mean a lack of...
November 21, 2017
After Yarly Raygoza attended a drug prevention program at the Boys & Girls Club in Westminster, Calif., last year, she used what she learned to talk a few friends out of using marijuana.

The 14-year-old took the class again this year but worries that counseling her friends will become more difficult.

November 14, 2017
Families can experience many emotions while navigating the holidays, whether in still waters or rough seas. Friends and families come together and we place at the forefront of our thoughts all of the joy of our connections that we sometimes forget in the day-to-day. In these special times, our gratitude...
November 13, 2017
In recent years, much research has focused on the effects of spanking on the development of children, much of it coming to similar conclusions—that spanking kids can have detrimental impacts.

Now, another study adds to the mounting evidence about the harms of the disciplinary practice, finding a link between spanking in...
November 10, 2017
Opening up to your children about your addiction or that of a loved one is kind of like telling them about the birds and the bees. You want to be honest and informative, yes, but you want to tailor the details to their age, comprehension level and comfort. Their comfort,...
November 9, 2017
AJ Stinnett and Julia Myers were two of Hope Academy’s first students to spend all or most of their high school careers there. Many of the recovery high school’s students and alumni don’t or didn’t matriculate there until their junior or senior year, often because they’ve denied the extent of...
November 7, 2017
A study published in February in the journal Pediatrics that looked at deaths among people under 21 years old in motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol found that, as a whole, more restrictive policies about drinking were associated with fewer deaths.

The policies included a wide array of rules and regulations. Some...
November 3, 2017
You love your child. Your child is an addict. Your child needs help. How do you carry on showing that love, without supporting or enabling the addiction?

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November 1, 2017
Dr. Sigurd Zielke spent years researching adolescent addiction issues and working one-on-one with students affected by the disease. His work helped form the basis for Hope Academy, a recovery high school supported by Fairbanks and the only school of its kind in Indiana.

Now Zielke’s making his and other colleagues’ research...