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December 21, 2017
Students may be out of school for the next two-plus weeks for the holidays, but Hope Academy is still offering activities during the break to help keep them engaged and occupied.

Here's a list of upcoming events available to Hope Academy students:

Tuesday 12/26 – Bowling at Woodland Bowl, 96th and Keystone....
December 18, 2017
The number of teens abusing drugs is lower than it's been since the 1990s, according to a national survey.
December 14, 2017
Is your teenager glued to their phone? Are they always online, checking social media or looking at cat and bunny videos? Well, researchers from the Korea University in Seoul, South Korea, say you have grounds to worry.

A consumer survey carried out this year found that 82 percent of Americans own...
December 11, 2017
Christmas was in the air for Hope Academy's last Community Day of 2017 on Dec. 8.

Students spent part of the day playing a Christmas-themed game of bingo.

They also decorated Christmas cookies and distributed them to staff at Fairbanks, the nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment center that supports Hope Academy.

Students and...
December 5, 2017
As we approach the "holidays,” many of us who come from families with addiction are filled with a special kind of trepidation. Wounds created long-ago easily erupt ….whether we are spending time with family, or not. There are reminders at nearly every turn of:

Disappointment Frustration Embarrassment Pain And though we may tell ourselves to...
December 4, 2017
In the 1990s, several employees of a Missouri popcorn factory began reporting mysterious symptoms. They were always tired, wheezing, and out of breath. After doctors found scar tissue inside the factory workers’ lungs, they diagnosed the workers with an irreversible lung disease: bronchiolitis obliterans, which would later be nicknamed “popcorn...