Why Hope Academy?

Learn why Hope Academy is the best option for teens who are recovering from substance abuse and reclaiming their lives from addiction while earning their high school diploma.


Hope Academy Parent Testimonial

Parents of a Hope Academy student share how Indiana’s only recovery high school have helped her reclaim her life from substance use disorder.


Referring Students to Hope Academy

Janice Gabe, a licensed addictions counselor, explains why she routinely refers adolescent students struggling with substance abuse to Hope Academy.


Hope Academy – Joe Dodridge

Math teacher Joe Dodridge shares how Hope Academy helps adolescents reclaim their lives from substance abuse.


Hope Academy – AJ

See how Hope Academy saved AJ’s life from addiction.


PBS NewsHour Visits Hope Academy

PBS NewsHour visited Hope Academy in 2017 for a comprehensive report about recovery high schools as part of its “America Addicted” series.


An In-Depth Look at Hope Academy

Learn more about this tuition-free, public charter high school for students in recovery from substance abuse – the only recovery high school in Indiana.


Hope Academy Graduation

Watch this video of the school’s Class of 2013.


Associated Press: Schools for Recovering Teens

Watch this video of an AP report on recovery high schools featuring Hope Academy.